ANSWR for Customer Support

ANSWR turns your agents' research into knowledge that is instantly shared across the enterprise and with your customers. So customers get the best product support answers, faster.

Everyone gets smarter, together

Transforms how teams learn and collaborate by redefining how knowledge is captured and automatically connecting users with the best content and subject matter experts.

Self Service

Proprietary machine learning algorithims turn ANSWR’s crowdsourced content into an always current, customer-facing support portal. Enabling you to save time and money by empowering customers to help themselves.


Improve support team and end-customer experiences by answering questions in chat with expert validated answers and turn chat conversations into shared knowledge.

Unique Insights

Unique big data analytics and insights into how your customers are interacting with your products and other products in the wild based on real world calls, chats, searches and support requests.

Customer Support is not an algorithm.

90% team satisfaction with ANSWR platform.

>20% reduction in average resolution time.

2x faster time-to-efficiency for new hires.

Significantly improved customer satisfaction.

Time savings translate into real cost savings.